Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Woodland Ornament - Fawna

Ooooh, painting is getting funner and funner (sorry I know that's not a real word, but hey, it works!)  I've always been sooo nervous about painting and feel so much more comfortable with pencil crayons, but lets face it, not  many surfaces take too well to pencil crayons!  Today I finished my little woodland ornament and I've named her Fawna. 

Fawna's head is sculpted from paperclay and I've painted it a pale champagne blonde shade.  For her features, I used fabric paint just because I love the colour mixtures I can get with them.  Her wooden spool belonged to my dear Nannykins which she dug out from her wonderful treasure chest... I mean sewing box:)  Thank heavens she has a bunch more!!  By the way, it's her 93rd birthday tomorrow and she's still sewing up a storm!

I found some lovely vintage looking paper at our local Michael's, which I cut to encircle the middle part of the spool and then I scalloped two round pieces to cover  the top and bottom.

She wears a tiny lock of auburn mohair onto which I glued two Czech glass flower beads.  A shimmery organza bow adds a hint of sparkle at her neck.

After I took the picture on the left, I noticed that all the paint labels where turned about the wrong way.  For those interested in knowing what I used, the tall bottles are Plaid Folk Art which I used for the base skin tone and the small bottles are Jacquard Textile Color.

Two more ornaments are still in the works for now and I'm also working on three new Poppets.  Will be back to post more pic's soon: )