Firenzie is ready for adoption.  In fact she's excited about meeting her new family and is ready to go as soon as the right mommy or daddy comes along!

Firenzie is the second doll in my new series of cloth dolls called Petite Poppets.  As with Penelope in the last blog post, her facial features are hand painted and she is a smaller wersion of my Little Lady cloth doll pattern, measuring about 9 inches tall.

 I chose a stunning auburn wool to compliment her pale green eyes and seperated each strand to create the soft, wispy, fly-away look.  Her hair may be gently styled into an updo, tied back, or left to hang loose.

Above left shows the sewn up poppets awaiting their stuffing.  At right and below left, Firenzie with a freshly painted face and the fabric I chose for her dress.

A close-up of her paint job.  Painting always makes me nervous and I've only recently started experimenting with it.  I'm rather pleased with how it turned out and can only hope that with time I'll get better:)

A wonderful week to each of you!


  1. Beautiful work, Shelly! Although painting is new to you, these are the perfect dolls/faces for you to start with) since you know their faces so well. Your painting *already* looks professional. I can only imagine what you'll be doing in the months to come!

  2. She is wonderful, Shelly! Such perfect colors for fall, and such a lovely face. Outstanding work :-)


  3. Wow! She is amazing! What a little firecracker! Love your blog and am always inspired by your work! Hugs, Lina in Sweden (Minette&Minou)

  4. Jill, Beth and Lina, thanks so much for your encouraging comments! I was a little unsure of how the painted faces would fare!


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