Sunday, September 26, 2010

Singing in the Rain...

Oh joy....  The rainy season has begun here on the West Coast:(  Living in a rainforest does have its benefits, you just have to waddle around in puddles to appreciate them!  Of course, it's lovely and green all of a sudden after our unusually hot, dry summer, but that's as good as it gets in my books.  So, onto better things....
Please meet Lyric, my newest Petite Poppet.

Lyric loves singing, especially in the rain!  She wears a white sundress with a delicate cotton lace trim at the hem which I accented with embroidery thread.  I made a matching flower pin that my be worn as a brooch for her dress or a hair ornament.  Tiny embroidered undies and felt shoes complete her outfit.

Above left shows her with two new Poppets I'm working on.  I thought you might like a sneek peek of her embroidered undies:)  Gotta say that I'm enjoying hand painting their faces!  Just a few basic colours can yield an amazing variety of different shades.  For my two new girls, I am planning on using some new yarn that came in the mail last week.  One's a lavender and the other a pink, should be interesting to see how they turn out!

Recently I was fortunate to meet a very talented young lady while browsing through flickr.  Not only is Irene one of the sweetest people I've met on the internet, but she makes the most adorable clothing for Blythe dolls!  I thought I'd share the outfits she made for my girls - aren't they fabulous??  Please check out her etsy store and go through her sold items to see her lovely creations.   I want one of everything!!

This weekend I also finished a new dress for my mom's shop:, it was meant to be for Lyric, but it didn't suit her colouring.  Hopefully someone else will like it!

So that was my weekend in a nutshell.  Hope you all have a crafty week:)