Saturday, September 18, 2010

Petite Poppets

Penelope is the newest member of my doll creations!  She is the first of the Petite Poppets, a variation of my original cloth dolls - the Little Ladies.  Petite Poppets are smaller and instead of embroidered faces, I've hand painted and sealed their features.

Crazy hair colour hey?  I saw it and just had to get it!  Unfortunately, I didn't get her finished till quite late this afternoon, so by that time the lighting was not at it's best:(

This is a comparison pic of the size difference between the Little Lady on the left and the Petite Poppet on the right.  Lilly is one of the very first embroidered dolls I made and I ended up keeping her as a model.  She was made from an organic fleece that was super hard to turn after sewing, so I didn't use that fabric for very long!  You might also notice how  l  o  n  g  her arms are....  something else I changed along the way.  Oh, and those are the very first pair of shoes I made - they're horrid, but you have to start somewhere!

Besides Penelope, there are two more on the way.  The poppet on the right is ready for painting and I've picked out the fabric for her dress.  The one on the left will be put on hold till I receive the yarn I ordered last week.  I had to source out thinner yarn for these girls' hair as the stuff I have is too thick for their smaller heads.

And lastly, a sneak peek at some ornaments I'm working on...  I remembered that I had a handful of these wonderful old wooden bobbins in my sewing box, so I'm turning them into halloween and Christmas ornaments.  These guys still need a lot of work and I'm hoping to have a few more to add - possibly a snowman and an angel, but they're really stressing me out and I don't know how far my patience will hold!  I've enjoyed every minute of making the heads, but just deciding on what to decorate the bobbins with has been torture! 

Hope you have a beautiful day!