Monday, April 28, 2014

The Little Cloud that Could... very versatile, that is!  Hi friends!  Many of you have seen the new pics I've posted on my Facebook, Pinterest and Flickr pages lately of the little Clouds I've been working on and I just wanted to say a big 'Thank You' to all of you who have left such lovely feedback and comments on them!  They have been so much fun to make, not only because they're really easy, but because I've been able to make them in a few different ways!
As you can see above, the one on the top left has been machine sewn and made out of fabric.  The little face has been painted on and I used a pretty Liberty of London fabric for the back of the cloud.  The one next to it on the right was made out of oh-so soft, hand woven wool felt and the little features were made out of felt and then stitched and embroidered on.  I then re-sized the pattern to make the tiny ones at the bottom.  The smaller size would be perfect for making ornaments, key chains, brooches, for hanging on crib mobiles, banners, wall hangings and maybe even a mini pincushion for a budding sewist.
The front and back of the fabric cloud.

The storm cloud in front was made from the wool blend felts, the rest were made from hand woven wool felt.  These measure about 10 inches across and 8 inches tall.  I think they'd look lovely in a baby's nursery!
I really love these tiny ones!  They're super quick and easy to make and measure about 3 x 3.5 inches.

The little Cloud pattern will be available soon, I promise!  I've had many inquiries as to when it will be ready and I'm hoping that if all goes well, I'll have it ready by the end of this week.  I really liked the thought of creating a pattern that could be made up in different ways, so this one will include the pattern pieces in two different sizes, as well as instructions for making the machine sewn and hand sewn versions. The tiny key chain clouds will also be available as kits - I'll have a choice of the gray storm cloud or the white fluffy one :)

Have a lovely week!
~Shelly xo

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Li'l Pets

Hey everyone!  Got some good news to share!  I've just finished writing up my newest pattern - Li'l Pets, and it's just about ready for hubby dearest to format into a pdf!  If all goes well it'll be available in my shop tomorrow!
 These little darlings are just too, too cute!!  The pattern will include two options - a kitty and bear and each can be made into a girl with a pretty little dress, or a boy with a dear little pair of short overalls.
The Li'l Pets measure about 5 inches tall and I decided to use the new PURE felts to make them with.  The pretty colours I've chosen for them are so soft and pretty!!

I hope you love them as much as I do!
~Shelly xo