Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Treacle, Poppy and Blue

Recently I had the pleasure of 'meeting' a very sweet young lady whilst browsing through flickr.  I instantly fell in love with her beautiful, handmade Blythe dresses and was delighted when she asked if I could make a bear for her like Sparky.  I took a look through the dresses she'd made, and after a very hard decision as to which one to pick, asked if she'd like to do a trade.  I was thrilled when she agreed!  She ended up ordering another one, a little kitten like the one I'd given my mom for mother's day too.  I thought I'd make another one while I was at it for my shop.

Treacle, the siamese kitten is wearing a ruffled cotton lace skirt and orange flower accented with tiny aqua glass beads. 
Blue bear wears a grey scarf and matching hat with contrasting orange stitches.
Poppy the panda and wears a black and cream ruffled collar accented with green glass beads.  Two tiny heart buttons adorn her chest and I've given her a flower with glass pearls.

Each bear is completely hand sewn from hand woven felt.  This felt is absolutely devine, not only does it come in an array of beautiful shades, but it's also wonderful to work with.  You can find it at:  Please take a visit there, you'll be happy you did!  April carries a wide variety of felt, matching embroidery thread and craft patterns.

I meant to take more pics as I was going along, but of course I forgot till I was sewing up the blue bear!  You can see from the first pic that I was planning on making a skirt for the panda, but it didn't look right on her so I went with the ruffled collar instead.




I've been tossing around the idea of designing a pattern for these bears and making it available in my shop.  I'm not quite sure what the best way to do it is, whether to do it in photographs or simply draw easy to follow pictures.  But for now it's still just an idea and I'd love to hear what you think of it!

As soon as we complete our trade and my outfit arrives, I'll post some pics of it so you can all see:)  Can't wait!!