Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sweet Animal Barrette Tutorial

About a year ago, I posted a tutorial on how to make the adorable Sweet Animal Barrettes.   Unfortunately, the link to the download disappeared a while ago and since then, I've had a number of people asking if I'd put it up again.  Well, good news!  I finally found the teensy, tinsy, itty bitty pattern pieces and have persuaded my dearest hubby to pdf them put them in the place you'll need to click on to get them!  Please click here to go directly to the pattern tutorial and you will find everything you need to make these sweet little barrettes!

Have fun!!
~Shelly xo

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Congrats to the Winners!!

Thank you all so much for your entries as well as your wonderful comments for the pattern giveaway!  I am delighted that you love these new dolls and their outfits and accessories!

As you know, each winner will receive the doll pattern as well as the outfit pattern of their choice.  And the lucky winners are:

Julie McMaster - Bake Set
Karen Lawson - Garden Set
Maria Nakamoto - Beach Set
Mrs Pigglebottom (Louise Peters) - Beach Set
Eilinor Rigby - Beach Set
Pat C - Wrap Skirt and Top
Denise - Bake Set
Paeonia Drop (Maggie L) - Beach Set

Congrats to you all!!  It seems that the Beach Set was definitely the favourite outfit set!!

I've sent the patterns off via email to each of the lucky ladies, I do hope you'll enjoy making them!

Have a happy weekend!
~Shelly  xo

PS  The patterns are now available in all of my shops!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Pattern Giveaway!!

Okay, who's ready for another pattern giveaway??  If you've been following my facebook page and flickr photos lately, you'll notice that I've been working on two special little dolls.  I'm happy to say that I've finally finished them up and have even started writing up the patterns, which should be ready within the next few days!

For this giveaway, I'll be including the doll pattern as well as an outfit pattern of your choice too!  Yay!!  So, if you'd like a chance at winning, please leave your name and email addy, as well as the outfit set you'd like to receive and I'll choose 7 winners on Saturday, July 21.  I know that only leaves a couple of days, but I'm sure you'll want to get these patterns ASAP!

These little cuties have been a joy to create!!  The pattern will feature two different hairstyles to choose from, a sweet little dress and a pair of slip-on shoes.

I've also made a few different outfit sets, that will be sold as separate patterns.  That way, you can choose which of them you'd like to make for your dolly.

My personal fave - the beach set.

LOVE those glasses!  Might have to make myself a pair! lol!

The bake set, complete with iced pastries, sandwich biscuits and a vintage inspired apron.

The gardening set.

The wrap-around skirt and top set.

For those of you who are unable to leave a comment on my blog, please post your info to my facebook page.

Best of luck to you all!!
~Shelly xo

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Our Trip to Galiano

Hi!  We've just returned from a romantic getaway on the beautiful island of Galiano, where we spent four glorious days at the Galiano Inn and Spa.

 The mural in the lobby of the inn, which is made up of individual tiles, each painted by numerous artists from around the world.

We treated ourselves to a blissfully relaxing couples massage in the garden house.

This is where we enjoyed a wood-fired pizza on the ocean front terrace of the inn.

Located just off the coast of British Columbia, Galiano is considered the 'gem' of the Gulf Islands and boasts a Mediterranean climate, spectacular views of the surrounding islands, and magnificent wild life:  orca whales, sea lions, cormorants, deer and otters.

View from The Bluffs, overlooking Active Pass.

An interesting carving I spotted on an old sail boat.

Enjoying the view from a sea cave we found at Montague Harbour.  So glad I brought a hat as it was a scorcher of a day!

Now that we're back home, I'm trying to think of a way for us to permanently move to this wonderful island, or one of the surrounding ones!  It's a dream for now, but one that I'm going to strive to make come true!
~Shelly xo