Thursday, April 15, 2010


When I began this little bear project, I originally had a birthday theme in mind.  Bamboodle was going to have a party, and his two friends, Lola and Sparky were to be his guests.  I dressed him up in his little party hat and ruffled collar, and then made Lola, with her little crown and ruffled skirt.  I've now decided to keep them as a pair.  Thanks for the suggestion Lada!  They're just too cute together!

Sparky loves early walks in the crisp spring air.  He's donned his favourite scarf and hat and is heading out the door.  He is made from an incredibly soft, blue and green hand woven felt, and I accented his grey hat and scarf with bright orange thread.



  1. Wow! His is so cute!!
    Please, if it's not a secret, tell me how you sew the legs so they can move?

  2. Thank you! It is very simple to sew the arms and legs on - but hard to explain, but I will try. Pin arms/legs to side of body. Insert needle through one side of the body, under the leg and go right through body and top right of opposite leg. Insert the needle through the top left of that leg and back through the body to the opposite side and through the top ritht of the other leg. Go back and forth a few times and end off under the leg with a knot. Hope this helps!

  3. Sparky is the cutest bear i´ve ever seen. The colours are perfect (this blue and green combine so good) and his cute face and accesories are amazing.
    I have just discovered your blog and i love it. Since i received a blog award, i decided to give it to you too.... you can pick it here:

  4. Thanks so much Ana! That was really sweet of you!

  5. I can´t believe Sparky is going to live with me! I´m so happy! ^_^

  6. Well I know he's looking forward to meeting you, and he probably won't have to worry about chilly mornings in Spain!


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