Saturday, April 24, 2010

A new lady unfolds...

Hi everyone, hope your saturday is going well!

I am very excited to share a new project I'm working on. I was merrily stitching away at some Little Lady faces and while I love doing them, I was getting a tad bored at the monotony of doing a thousand stitches. My mind does not do well with monotony for too long, and try as I might to concentrate on the task at hand, it kept conjuring up images of another doll - one with bendy arms and legs. Well, I just had to put pencil to paper, and after a few attempts, I came up with a new pattern.

This lady is a bit more delicate, a young woman ready to make her mark on the world. I think she's ok for a first attempt, and I already know where I'll be tweaking the pattern for the next one! I'm still trying out 'hairstyles' on her, not sure if I like this colour though?

 Please excuse the pins and blue marks all over her legs and arms!