Sunday, April 25, 2010


I'd like to introduce you to Rowan.  She is the end result of the little Damsel Doll I started on Friday.  I think the green hair suits her eyes better, and I like the way it compliments the blue-green of her blouse.  I've hand stitched all her clothing directly onto her body, and drew on little 'shoes' with pencil crayons.  This Damsel Doll will be the first of many to come, I absolutely loved making her and can't wait to start another one!  Will have to put it off for a while though as I've GOT to finish off the rest of the Little Ladies before next weekend.  I'm hoping to have them all listed, as well as some new dress-up apparel, by then.  Cross your fingers, please!!  Please take a look at my flickr: for more pic's of Rowan.