Sunday, April 11, 2010

Daphne, Faye and Vivienne

Daphne, Faye and Vivienne are off to Georgia!  They're going to live with two friends who found me through my Etsy shop.  Hope the weather is nicer for them there than it has been here.  Well, I shouldn't really complain, it has warmed up a bit these last two days, but we had some nasty weather that had no place being here when Spring is so well underway!

Daphne's hair is made with a lovely soy wool yarn that has the most amazing texture and colour. Recently, I discovered that this yarn has been discontinued, and I'm sooo upset - I just LOVED it! I think I have enough left for one more doll, and I might just have to keep that one!
Her little dress was made with an adorable Japanese linen, printed with little animals holding sparkly balloons.  It's definitely one of my fav's!   

For Faye's dress, I used a fabric that I'd found in my local fabric store.  It really caught my eye and was perfect for my Little Ladies!  I edged it in a sheer white ruffle, and added one of my mom's little knitted cardi's to complete the ensemble.  Isn't she adorable!

This is Vivienne.  I just finished her this afternoon and am so pleased with the results!  She is just precious, I'm going to have a hard time letting her go!  I did her hair with an asparagus coloured wool from Iceland - must get more!!  I absolutely LOVE how this yarn goes from thick to thin, and it's got a great wavy look to it.  I was lucky to find this yarn at a little knitting shop on Vancouver Island when we were visiting John's mom and step-dad, but only got one skein.  Thank heavens I just found a shop on Etsy that sells it in a whole range of colours! 
Her dress is the same fabric I used for Daphne's.  To complete her outfit, I added one of mom's shrugs and  a little lacy scarf threaded with ribbon, and now she's ready for her journey!