Friday, August 20, 2010

Witches, Webs and an Execution....

Hello, it seems like such a while since I've had time to blog!  I've been dying to share what I've been doing, but wanted to wait till I had this batch of ornaments finished so I could show them all at once!  It was killing me not to post any pic's of them (well, except for the witch in the last post that I just couldn't help!), but they're all ready now, and here they are...

These are the boxes they'll be travelling in, a nice way to store them too.  I hand painted each one and glued pretty paper on the bottoms of each box and lid.  I then added a sheer ribbon around the side of the box and will sign and date the bottom of each one.

Here each one is nestled in her box.  Boxes have not been painted at this point:)  Each ornament is sculpted with paperclay and painted with water colour paint.  Both witches have been finished with a crackle medium and the other two are left in the matte state.  I've used two types of mohair and braided wool for their hair.

My favourite is Marie Antoinette, complete with bloody neck and blood stained ruffle collar!  Her hair is a beautiful, silky mohair and I gave her a glass bead crown.

Virginia is known as the 'Spider Lady'.  She wears a top hat embroidered with a silver web and tiny glass beads and on her temple and cheek are delicate hand drawn webs.  At her neck she wears a sheer black ruffle with glass pearls.

Sage is known for brewing the best bat tea and witches come from far and wide to enjoy a cup with her!  Her hair is made with a strawberry blond braided wool that I seperated - it reminded me of finger waves.

Rowena is ready for the big night!  She's dressed in her favourite hat and cloak which she embellished with tiny red glass beads.  She loves to sew and runs a tiny boutique for fashionable witches!

I'm so glad to finally have them all done and to share them with you!  There are many more ideas in my head for more in the future!