Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Miss Josephine's Trip to the Boutique

Dressed in a pale apricot lace gown, Miss Josephine is a veritible font of excitement as she gets ready to visit Madame de le Fleur's Boutique where the fall collection of bonnets, ribbons and reticules will be on display for perusual.

Today she wears her wavy auburn hair tied in a bow to match her beaded lace neck cuff and satin slippers.  As she peeks in the mirror, she pinches her cheeks to add some rosy colour and adjusts her cream batiste overskirt, making sure that the delicate roses at her back waist aren't crushed before she leaves.

This little miss has had a long journey to get her to her final stage.  On the way, she's gone through many different looks and I'm finally happy to say that she's ready!  She measures about 6.5 inches tall, and fits in the palm of my hand perfectly.  Her hair is made from a beautiful auburn mohair, each tiny section carefully placed and glued into a soft, windswept style that may be gently combed and arranged.  I've added tiny green glass beads to her lace collar, as well as to the centre of the roses on the back waist of her overskirt.  Water colour paint and pencil crayons were used to accent her facial features as well as her shoes.

Available in my shop today:)