Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mad Sewing Day!

I got it into my head that I just HAD to make some Blythe dresses.  My girls have been feeling a little neglected as of late, so to cheer them up, they each took turns trying on the outfits and getting poked and prodded with pins.  The new dresses are now available in my mom's etsy shop:

Skye and Julip LOVE having their pictures taken and were quite happy to pose for the camera! 

The dress at the top is a double layered, smokey-grey gauzey cotton with a pale stripe.  I added sheer black ruffle shoulder straps, tiny black buttons on the bodice and on the top layer of the skirt, tiny red heart buttons.  A matching striped ruffle peeks from the bottom layer of the skirt.  I also made a tiny hair clip with black organza and the striped grey cotton.

Pale grey dotted linen was used for the next outfit, and I embellished it with cream lace at the hem and shoulder straps.  Cute yellow buttons and embroidery thread were used as accents.  For the hair clip, I made a tiny boy in matching fabric and used a tiny yellow button at the centre.

I have a little secret to share....  Pretty soon, Julip and Skye will have a new sister!  She is a Cassiopia Spice Blythe and she is on her way any day now.  We're all pretty excited and have even picked out a name for her,  Peony.  Will share the pic's as soon as she's here!!

Have a fantastic and creative week,