Thursday, August 26, 2010

Florence and Posy

It's been more than two months since I last made a Little Lady!  I had such a craving to make one, so here is  Little Florence with Posy, an Anime Bunny.  Posy had been waiting in my sketchbook for the right time to be brought to life, though the original drawing was one of a more kookier looking bunny with lopsided eyes and wonky ears.  She had a mind of her own whilst I was sewing her and came out nothing like the sketch, even demanding a flower for her chartreuse green needle felted hair!

I decided to try a new face on Florence - I know that sounds strange, but usually I do the same sort of facial features for my Little Ladies.  This time I wanted something different.  You might notice the subtle difference of her eye shape and the placement of the features.  The yarn I used for her hair is such a gorgeous shade of chartreuse green -  though this is the last of the batch:(  She wears a dress in a dear Peter Rabbit print and one of my mom's mohair cardigans.

We'll be away for the weekend, so hope you all enjoy yours!!