Friday, March 8, 2013

New Collection of Paper Dolls

Well it seems that this has been the worst week for taking decent photos ever!  I can't begin to tell you how many times I have tried to get good shots of my new collection of Paper Dolls!  Is it me, my camera or just the incredibly gloomy weather we've been having lately??  I don't know, but thankfully, I woke up to a perfectly sunny morning today, and have been snapping pics all day!

 I've made a collection of five different dolls, including a little mermaid that has the option of wearing her tail or pair of legs.  The collection can either be purchased as a set of five colour-your-own dolls, or, for those who prefer them coloured already, they're also available in pairs - one doll with two different colour options.  They're available as downloadable pdf prints and can be printed over and over again!  These are perfect for keeping children occupied on rainy days or when they're feeling crafty:)

Coral and Peach

Juniper and Clover

Lavender and Cinnamon

Vanilla and Ivory

Sky and Iris

Here's a few other things I've been doing lately:

  Made a few dresses from gorgeous Liberty of London fabric for Blythe.

For this little one, I tried a new way of doing her head, which I quite liked.  Usually my cloth dolls' heads and bodies are made in one piece and this version separates the head and body which I will do from now on.  Her hair is made from wefted mohair.

And this little one is slightly larger than the one above which meant that she was much easier to sew! My dear mom made the teeny cardigan for her:)

Hope you've all been well and staying clear of the flu!  I managed to pick up a nasty bug which lingered for almost five weeks, but I'm finally feeling better now and ready for more doll making!!

Have a wonderful weekend,
~Shelly xo