Pincushion Winners!

Many thanks to those of you who entered the Pincushion Cottage giveaway, your lovely comments are very much appreciated!  The winners names have been drawn and I've notified each via email - a big CONGRATS to Marie and Lisa Jo H!! 
 Have a great week everyone!
~Shelly xo


  1. Congrats to the winners! I can't wait to make mine...just not enough hours in a day...LOL!xoxo

  2. I am absolutely thrilled to be a winner Shelly! As you know I am a HUGE fan of your work! I think you are just the most talented person. I am so lucky to now have the chance to own something made by your very nimble and talented fingers! Many thanks!

  3. Hello there Shelly and everybody out there :0) This is Lisa Jo, Thanks for all the congrats from you guys, I feel very blessed by you Shelly for having been picked for this ausome contest. I can't wait to get my sweet little pincusion house. I really just love your creations and I will display and use my little house proudly! I'm still giggling about it and telling everyone I see that I am getting an amazing gift from my favorite crafter. Bless you all, Lisa Jo

  4. What a beautiful blog you have! I discovered you via Paula (at Sugar Sweet and Pink). I'll definitely be paying you regular visits from now on! Your little home on the web is very inspiring!

  5. Beautiful work!!!

  6. Happy, Happy,Joy, Joy! This is Lisa Jo the winner of the cute little yellow pincushion house. I just had the joy of opeing up my package and holding it for the first time. I'am so thrilled. It's just so sweet and perfect size for pin's...I will use it all the time to make my gingermelon pattern's. I'm so thankful to Shelly for picking me, I am truely greatful for this gift! I think everybody out there should get this pattern and make one of there own, I know you all would just lLove it!!!
    Good day to you all, Lisa Jo

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