Saturday, May 19, 2012

International Dolls

Hello dear friends!  I've been working on a new collection called International Dolls and just wanted to share the first three that I've made so far. 

From left to right:  Japanese Geisha, Dutch Girl and a British Palace Guard (or Beefeater).  My plan is to make a set of eight - not telling what the others are, so you'll have to pop over soon to see what they are;)

I also completed another collection called Cotton Candy Dolls.  Many of you will recognize Julip from my last post, but I've added two more dolls to the set and each has a different outfit and little pair of shoes. 

Once I've finished creating all the International Dolls, I'll be working to make both collections available as patterns.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend:)
~Shelly  xo