Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Little Ladies are Back!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Hope you're all having a wonderfully creative week:)  Just a quick post to share some pics of the Little Ladies and Petite Poppet I'm working on.  Two of these dolls are custom orders (the Pink and Brunette) and the other two will be available for adoption once they're completed.

This is as far as I've gotten today - they really take a  L O N G  time to make!  I'll be starting on their outfits tomorrow and I'm hoping they'll be ready by the weekend.  My mommy dearest is making the little cardigans as well as one of the custom outfits.  You'll notice that the Poppet still needs her little face painted - that always makes me nervous!

Pinning their hair on...  I think they look like princesses with beaded crowns!

All sewn up and ready for their hair.

And this is where it all starts!  Stitch by tiny stitch...

Hope you'll pop in again to see how they're progressing!