Friday, January 27, 2012

Eleanor and Prudence

Eleanor and Prudence have been sitting in a box filled with pretty fabrics for the longest time!  Well, I should say that their bodies were all made up, but I was saving them for a special idea.  Finally, this week, I dug them out of their cozy home and began their transformation. 

This is how they turned out!  Eleanor, above left, with Prudence on the right - named of course after two of my favourite Beatles songs!

Each little doll measures about 5 inches tall and is made from unbleached muslin.  I made their little 'button' eyes out of paper clay and then painted them black.  Their dresses are made from Japanese cotton and I've added a teeny beaded apron for each.

Pinning on their hair.

Little baldies:)

These tiny rag-dolls are available for adoption in my shop and would make wonderful friends for a bigger doll.

Wishing you a creative weekend:)