Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Paper Doll in Progress

I've been working on a new Paper Doll Set and have a few more outfits to colour before she'll be ready.  Here's a sneak peek so far...

My plan is to make a little book which will be similar to my colouring book which you can see here.  The cover will be made with a sturdy, heavy weight Bristol paper and will be printed with the paper doll itself.  I'm not sure yet whether she'll be on the front or back cover as I might do a little pic of her on the front dressed in an outfit.  The pages on the inside will contain all the dresses and accessories that I've chosen from the ones above and will be printed on medium weight, acid free drawing paper.  I'm looking forward to finishing them up and having them ready for my shop by the weekend.

For those of you who've been following the story of our sweet Little Miss, thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!  We had to take her back in to the vet's on Monday night as her incision had opened up and they ended up having to re-stitch her.  Today, I noticed a hard lump running along the entire right side of the incision about as thick as my little finger.  So, once hubby gets home, we'll be taking her back in to make sure it's not something serious.  I must say that she is looking good, eating well and is as pert and playful as ever, so hopefully everything will be fine!

Enjoy the rest of your week:)


  1. The paper doll outfit looks very lovely!
    I look forward to seeing pictures once it is finished! =)

    I hope your little critter continues to do well!

  2. Thank you Sarah! Little Miss is doing well, we'll keep an eye on the swelling and make sure it doesn't get any worse, but otherwize, she's healing nicely!

  3. Oh I'm relieved she seems on the mend! I felt so gutted about what happened. Hope it all turns out normal.

  4. So pleased little Miss is doing well, she definately has the very best of mums (and family) to get her through it,
    love Vicky xxxxx

  5. You are so very talented! Your drawings are amazing! I'm so glad your little baby is feeling better. :-)

  6. I love the paper doll outfits, they are just lovely! Sending get well wishes for your little one, and that she has a smooth recovery.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Thank you all! Glad you like the paper doll set and thank you so much for the well wishes for Missy Moo!

  8. Aww, you're new little miss looks ever so sweet! Can't wait to see her final look.^^
    I'm so sorry about little miss, I'm glad to hear that she is doing somewhat better, sending loving thoughts her way. <3

  9. I'm so glad to hear that Little Miss is doing well; she probably is wondering what she did to deserve the Elizabethan Collar she is wearing :-)

    Your paper dolls are enchanting! What a wonderful gift to find under the Christmas tree this year.


  10. I hope your little kitty continues to get better soon. Hopefully the bump by her incision is just a suture reaction! :)

  11. I hope Little Miss is doing much better. Is she allowed to eat normally because of what happened?

    And I love your dolls. Will you have anything special for this Christmas season?


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