Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Bad Day...

Dear Readers,

Our dear Little Miss went in for surgery this morning to be spayed.  A few hours later, I got a call from the vet saying that they had accidentally cut into her intestines whilst they were opening her up.  Though they did their best to sew up the hole, there is a possibility of it opening back up again and allowing toxins to seep into her abdomen.  She will be spending the night there so they can monitor her and I'm hoping that all goes well and we can bring her home by the weekend.  My mind has been in a turmoil all afternoon and I just have to pray that she'll have no complications.

The pic above was taken this past weekend.  She loves to climb on our shoulders and is such a snuggle-bum!  Please excuse us, we're still in our PJ's and scruffy beard:)

I did manage to get an order finished today and am hoping to take a break from custom orders for a while.  I'm feeling a bit overdone and really haven't had a day off from sewing for months.

These little pixies and tag-alongs are off to France as a special gift for Christmas.  I love how the bunny turned out in blue!

Anyway, will keep you posted about our kitty,