Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pattern Kits

Yay!!  I can finally put my feet up and relax for the rest of the day!  I've had a busy, busy day (week, month, year!!) and have just finished stocking my shop with new Pattern Kits - yes, the little doll and the sweet bunny are finally ready!! And, I've also added new pdf patterns for all the Tag-Alongs for those who would prefer to use their own supplies.  I'm just so happy they're all finally done! 

The Tag-Along patterns are great for beginner sewers and I created them in hopes of inspiring children to learn how to sew.  I have very fond memories of my mom and both grandmothers teaching me how to knit, sew and embroider when I was young, and I think every child should have fun learning those basic skills.  

These little kits would be wonderful as stocking stuffers at Christmas time and I'm sure that it just might be the perfect time to spend curled up together on the sofa on a chilly day making these little sweeties with your little girl or boy!

Wishing you a happy week:)


  1. These are wonderful, Shelly! I think I'm going to purchase the bear kit for my niece for Christmas. I know I'm going to buy something from you to give her (your patterns are just TOO cute), I just have to decide between all of your sweet creations (which is a difficult thing to do!).


  2. These are so great and lovely! I'm excited that you are also selling the PDF from those kits for those of us who want to purchase our own supplies.

    If you ever need someone with very little sewing skills to test out and share the results of any of those PDFs let me know. ;) lol

    But, in all seriousness, I always enjoy your designs! =)


  3. WOOHOO!!! Your creations are awesome! I been waiting for the little doll! It's so cute!! So getting one... But someone beat me to it XD. So I convo you a message =] - Victoria Pham

  4. Oooh! So glad you're all excited about the Tag-Alongs! The little doll kits sold out very quickly (mind you, I only had 3 or 4 of them), and now I'm awaiting an order of felt to make some more!
    Cheryl, the bear is a great pick for a beginner as it's super easy, and I'm sure your niece would have so much fun making it:)
    Sarah, glad you like the idea of the pdf's, they were a worthwile after thought!
    Thank you Victoria, will send you a message soon!

  5. I wanted to purchase the little doll kit, but I'm so sad, they are all gone !! I hope you can make another, pleaaaaase ! Thank you and congrats, they are so adorable !

  6. These are so adorable!! I really love the tiny little doll. She is such a sweetie. ^_^

  7. Thank you ladies! I'm terribly sorry about the little doll and bear kits running out!! I'm awaiting an order of felt and will have more kits put together soon!


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