Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lullaby Lamb and a Bunny Babushka

Happy Sunday everyone!  We've been having the most wonderful fall weather here in beautiful British Columbia and with so many sunny days and mild temps, it's almost tempting not to get any work done!  But, I've been busy; super de-dooperdy busy!  In fact, I've been so busy that this last week or so has slipped by as quick as a wink!  I got two large custom orders done, wrote up a new pattern and started making some new ornament dolls.  So, for those of you who have asked for the Lullaby Lamb pattern, it's now available in my shop.

This little lamb is terribly cute and super easy to make!

One of my custom orders included a request for a little boy Pixie.  I named him Charlie after the sweet Toy Pomeranian my Gran and Gramps' had when we were kids.  I made a pair of short overalls for him with cross-over straps, and used my favourite pale blue soy/wool blend yarn for his hair.  I think he turned out pretty cute!

Earlier this week, a wonderful idea planted itself into my head!  I so badly wanted to try it out, but had to remain on track with my orders before I could bring it to fruition.  I imagined a Babushka doll with a twist - one with a pair of bunny ears, or even a pair of kitty ears to spice things up a bit!  Oooh goodness!  To have to wait till I was finished my orders almost drove me mad with anticipation!!

But, eventually I was able to design the shapes and cut them out, and then the fun began!  I embroidered the 'dress', added a couple of teeny beaded flowers, sewed it all up and attached the bunny ears and, Voila, a Bunny Babushka ornament!  Just had so much fun making her!  I've got two more on the go and they should be ready tomorrow.

The Babushkas are a little tricky to make and might be a bit hard for a beginner.  The patterns for these will be available in the near future as they are perfect as Christmas Tree ornaments. 

I'm also happy to say that most of the Tag-Along pattern kits are also now available in my shop.  They include an Owl, Fox, Bear, Kitten and a Raccoon.  I'm still working on the Doll and Bunny patterns.

Oh, dear!  I guess I'm at my picture limit!  Blogger is not allowing me to upload any more pics for this post, so I guess that'll be all folks!

Have a fabulous week!!