Monday, August 8, 2011

Pocket Stufflings

Earlier this week, I was inspired by one of my favourite pieces of fabric to make a new series of Pocket Stufflings.  You can see it here.  I've used it in many other dresses that I've made for my cloth dolls and I also gave some to my mom so she could make dresses for her shop.  Well, the two of us were talking about it the other day and as I was thinking about how much I'd really like to get some more of it, a little idea popped into my mind.  A perfect idea that would work so well if I modified my Pocket Pixie pattern here and there.  So, to start, I made a sweet little Pocket Piggy....

I think she's absolutely adorable, but she needs some friends...

So these will be them!  I just love how their little faces turned out!  Next, it's on to the bodies and then clothing.  The bear and kitten are meant to be boys, so I'm thinking of a pair of shorts for one and pants for the other - with suspenders of course!  And a pretty sundress for the bunny.

I'm hoping to make these patterns available for the fall - perfect for Christmas gifts!

Have a gorgeous week:)