Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Little Ladies

Hello everyone, hope you're enjoying your weekend!  I'm super excited to let you know that my two Little Ladies - Amilie and Sybille are finished!  I had hoped to have them ready earlier this week, but you know how things go..  Just glad I can share them with you today!

These two are quite possibly my favourites of all the Little Ladies I've ever made and I really wanted them to be very special.  Their dresses are edged in ruffled hems and I hand beaded little lace collars at their necks.  Tiny patches are appliqued on the fronts of the dresses. 

I made them the sweetest little undies with lacy leg openings and used hand woven wool felt for their shoes.

I finished all the outfits late last night and decided to wait till I got up this morning to dress them.  Thank heavens the sun was shining early and the pics turned out lovely!



Both Sybille and Amilie are available for adoption in my shop.

Recently I was contacted by a lovely lady named Renae who runs BenzieBazaar on Etsy.  Her shop carries a wonderful selection of Merino Wool blend felt and is available in 80 gorgeous colours.  Renae asked me to curate a list of colours from her collection of felt that I thought would be perfect for complimenting my patterns. Here are my picks: for a better look!

Thanks so much Renae, it was fun working with you!

I also wanted to share a lovely story about a South African lady I met on Etsy who had featured my Woodland Fox pattern in one of her treasuries.  When I realized she was from my native country, I left a comment for her on the treasury in Afrikaans - a language only spoken in South Africa and a derivative of the Dutch language.  Well, we instantly became friends and it turns out she lives very close to where I grew up!!  Small world!  Anyway, she did a lovely feature on her blog about me a couple of weeks ago which I really meant to share with you sooner, but unfortunately didn't get around to it with my busy life and sick hubby!  But here it is:  Baie dankie Wilmarie, alles van die beste vir jou en jou gesin!

And lastly, I just want to say a HUGE thank you for your thoughts and prayers for my hubby.  He's taking it easy and we're hoping that he doesn't have to go in for surgery.  Both the urologist and our family doctor have said that if the stone doesn't pass on it's own, it would have to be removed surgically.  Neither mentiond the ultasound shock therapy so I'm not sure if it's too big for that.  Will let you know how everyting goes.

Have a wonderful weekend:)