Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Pixies

Hello friends!  Are you noticing the signs of spring yet?  It seems like we've had an extra long winter this year with lots of grey, dreary, wet days here on the West Coast of Canada!  But, we've had a couple of sunny days this week and it really amazes me at how much more creative and energetic I feel when the weather starts warming up!  I've been busy with a few new pixies this week - they're very similar to the Pocket Pixies, but I've designed little Beanie hats with animal ears for them.  So, these are the new Beanie Belle Pixies, and they'll be available later today in my shop.  I'm wondering if I should make this pattern available and would love to hear what you think!

Now that the Pixies are done, I'm starting on a new project that I'm quite excited about!  I have an idea in my head that is based on a circus theme.  It involves a trio of animals, the first being a little dog that I'm working on right now.  His name is Dandy and I envision him in a colourful ruffle collar, a clown's hat and a ball.  The second will be an elephant wearing a tutu and I'm still trying to figure out the third. 


Wishing you all a beautiful weekend:)