Friday, January 14, 2011

I am Canadian! Finally.....

Today is the day I became a Canadian....  Very early this morning I took the oath of Citizenship and swore my allegiance to the Queen.  It only took me 23 years to do it!!

My family moved here from South Africa when I was 17.  Like any young girl on the brink of graduating from high school, I had begun to make plans for my future.  Plans that DID NOT include moving house and home to the other side of the world!!  I must admit that the whole process was quite daunting as we were not sure of the future that lay ahead for us all.  It took some time to settle in and more time to feel comfortable in our new surroundings.  But, we managed and eventually we all made new paths for ourselves and life went on.

 I am blessed to have a sweet, caring and supportive hubby and two talented boys - Jody will be 18 soon (how did that happen so quickly??) and Dylan is 16.  They are both wonderful singers and are very active in their school band and choirs.  Did I mention that I'm very proud of them?  I have a wonderful relationship with my dear mom and dad and of course my two sisters are really my best friends!  We are also lucky to have my sweet Nannykins with us still and though she is 93, she is a big part of our lives too.

I procrastinated for far too long about getting my citizenship!!  The rest of my family have been citizens for years, but for some reason, I never felt ready to let go of my roots.  I am ready now and it feels great to be Canadian!!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!!