Tuesday, January 25, 2011

With a Sad Heart

Sadness has touched our family.  Our beloved cat had to be put to sleep last week after battling a rare kidney disease.  When he was no more than a day old, we found him abandoned in our apartment's underground parking lot by his mother, a feral cat.  No matter how many times I tried to put him back in the nest she'd made inside a wooden box concealing some pipes, she would not have anything to do with him.  His little umbilical cord was still attatched...  So, we took him to the vet, got some kitten formula and I proceeded to bottle feed him every 2 hours for a number of weeks.  He loved that bottle so much!  When it came time to ween him, I added wet kitten food to the formula and fed it to him in that bottle too.  We had to replace the nipple every other day as his little teeth would tear it to shreds!  He grew into a wonderful companion, enjoying car rides, camping, walking on a leash and eating marshmellows.  He truly was a very special part of our family and knowing that there was no way to cure his medical problem, only prolong it, we did everything we could to help him live the best life he could.  Sadly, he couldn't fight it anymore.  We couldn't bear to watch him suffer just so we could keep him with us a while longer.  Making the decision to put him down was the hardest thing we've ever had to do, and we miss him terribly!

I couldn't stand being at home without his constant companionship, so on Saturday, we picked up our new baby, a sweet little ginger kitten.  He doesn't have a real name yet, though for now we call him Babycat.  He's helped to heal our hearts a bit and I know as time goes by, he'll be just as dear to us as his big brother was!

Isn't he the cutest thing??  He's quite fascinated by my dolls and is enjoying Willow's company here.

I managed to finish up some new Gingerbelles for my shop this weekend and also made the pattern available for those who'd like to make some of their own.  They're super easy to make and quite sweet once done.  I've used my favorite felt from to make them.  I cannot say enough about this wondeful felt and April's fantastic customer service!  Please check out the feature she did on my patterns!!

For the next while, I'll be finishing up a few custom orders I'm working on at the moment.  Here's a sneak peek of my new desk with my work in progress:)

Have a lovely week!