Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Twizzle and Honey Bunny

Twizzle and Honey Bunny are my last two Sweet Stufflings.  They're finally finished and that means I get to move on to something new!  What shall it be??  Little Ladies, Petite Poppets or something entirely different all together?  I'll keep you posted...

Twizzle belongs to a family of musical bears.  He plays the bassoon, a large, low-pitched woodwind instrument that he finds a tad cumbersome to lug around!  Twizzle is made from a luscious, cherry red hand dyed/woven felt and a swirly printed cotton.  I added a ruffled collar and glass bead 'buttons' down his front, and embroidered a tiny beaded flower to his footpad.  As usual, I added a generous pinch of fragrant lavender to each Stuffling's tummy, so they smell divine!

Honey Bunny has a bit of a sweet tooth and if you're not careful, will nibble on any candy she sees!  She is made from a cream and brown hand dyed/woven felt and a pretty paisley printed cotton.  Honey Bunny wears a ruffled collar with a silk rose and a rusty bell.  A tiny flower is embroidered onto her footpad.

 I am almost ready to make the Sweet Stuffling patterns available as a PDF.  I'm hoping that they make great Christmas gifts for anyone who likes to sew and I'll include a list of my favorite on-line felt and fabric suppliers.

The Stufflings make wonderful pets for Blythes!

Honey Bunny's work in progress:)

Have a creative week:)