Monday, July 18, 2011

Sybille and Amelie

Hello!  Just wanted to share a few quick pics of a couple of Little Ladies I've been working on.  I just had an urge to make these two and thought I'd show you their progress so far.  They still need their dresses, undies, shoes and a smidgeon of blush, but they're coming along nicely and I'm hoping to have them ready by Wednesday afternoon.

Sybille is on the right and Amelie the left.  I took this shot right after I applied the first layer of hair.

Please excuse the nudity, they're still waiting for their outfits:)

What do you think?  I love the texture of the blue yarn and how it has a wavy look about it, it's a soy wool blend.  The lavender yarn is sooo soft and is made from 100% baby Llama wool.

The last few days have been very stressful.  I had to rush my hubby to the emergency on Thursday because of severe pains in his flank and groin.  I was so worried because he is a very healthy guy and hardly ever gets sick.  Thankfully, the staff were wonderful and quickly hooked him up to an IV with painkillers.  After an ultrasound, they were able to diagnose that he has a 5 mm kidney stone.  Who knew that a tiny thing like that could cause such unbearable pain??  I've heard people say that the pain is worse than childbirth!!  So, he has spent the weekend on heavy pain meds and we are still awaiting the passing of the stone.  Today we visited a Urologist and he's hoping that it passes on its own.  If it doesn't, John will have to have surgery to remove it.  Please say a little prayer for him.  I would really like him to be able to take more time off work, at least until the stone passes, but unfortunately, things are very hectic at the moment and he's really needed there.  I'm just hoping he doesn't have to wait too much longer!

Have a wonderful week:)


  1. Ой, какие хорошенькие и милые девочки!!!!!!

  2. Love the dolls, gorgeous as always :)
    My DH gets kidney stones all the time. So so painful, he is pretty efficient at passing them now. Cherry Juice concentrate and Ural (not sure what it would be called in the US, it is a neutraliser) help and lots and lots of water. Praying for your husband.
    Em x

  3. true....more painful than childbirth...and I've had 3 kids all al natural without any meds .
    first had them in the gall bladder which was removed now they've gone to my kidney...passed 1 stone but now I have another 3. Over exercising can cause the stone to move and set a cholic attack off. So if he feels pain coming on stop what yer doing and relax...that's what I do and it's a ggod excuse when I wanna get out of things !!!! :)

  4. Gorgeous dolls firstly!! Can I add my "bit" re kidney stones: please please please see if he will take cider vinegar in water- it is a miracle cure, it really is. My brother in law had chronic pain and within a couple of days taking cider vinegar, was feeling great and dissolved the stones painlessly. Check out, we take it every day!!

  5. Kidney stones are more painful than child birth :( For a man it must be worse.

  6. Your embroidery work look so amazing!!! The face look so real!

    I dont know what kidney stone feel like, but I had heard few stories and it seem very unbearable; will pray. Hope everything turn out fine.

  7. Really cute dolls! I always wanted tousled, wavy hair like the one on the left (except maybe not blue...)! Hope your DH feels better. My ex needed lithotripsy on two separate occasions to deal with kidney stones. They can recur, but testing the stones and knowing the underlying cause and treating it can really help prevent (or reduce the # of) recurrences. Best wishes!

  8. Thank you all so much for your advise, thoughts and prayers, they mean a lot! Glad you like the little ladies too:)

  9. Love the faces.... I can't believe you embroidered them. I never would have thought it when I first saw them ..... wonderful job on the eyes especially.... even the little white spark in the iris and pupil.... how amazing....

    hope your poor hubby feels better soon..... stones are not fun!

  10. Sorry to hear about the kidney stone. Are you sure they can't use soundwaves to break it into smaller pieces so it can pass? I feel like I have heard of it done like that before.

    P.S. the girls are lovely

  11. These are so cute!

  12. Shelly, I can't think of anything that would stop my heart faster than something happening to my beloved husband. He is certainly in my prayers, and you are too.


  13. I just love your critters and dolls! I bought one of your cute patterns a while back to support aid in Japan but never realized that you had such a cute blog. So glad I found your blog today!


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