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Introduction to Hand Embroidery - Lesson Two

Kawaii Rainbow Cloud Tutorial Lesson two will focus on four slightly more advanced stitches mostly used for adding decorative details to your work.  They include the Satin Stitch, Lazy Daisy, French Knot, Woven Wheel and Bead work. This project will recap the stitches learned in Lesson One (Straight Stitch, Running Stitch and Back Stitch) and will give you another chance to practice these basic stitches  before moving on to the decorative stitches.  Here's the link to the first lesson if you missed it: Materials Needed ✼ Embroidery thread ✼ Embroidery hoop – I prefer a hoop with an inside diameter of about 5 inches, but it’s totally up to you ✼ Fabric – for this project I've used linen, but quilters’ cotton or muslin work well too.  Choose a fabric with a medium weave as it's less likely that the needle will leave noticeable holes in the fabric.   ✼ ✼ Your fabric should be large enoug

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