New Shop - SugaredViolet

Yay!!  I'm happy to announce that I've just opened up a second shop on Etsy - SugaredViolet - which will have all my paper dolls and, hopefully in the future, some prints I've been thinking of as well as some other paper related things.  Please stop by for a visit:

Left to right:  Olive, Violet, Azure, Peony, Raspberry, Tangering and Crimson.

See you there:)


  1. Beautiful! And the name is so perfect !

  2. That´s fantastic! And what a brilliant name! Love those paper dolls and look forward to seeing what else you come up with. Best of luck with the new shop! Hugs, Lina in Sweden

  3. Hiya Shelly....little Buttercup is here.....she is so cuuute! thanks so much...

    The bears are sitting around on the table having a gab session with her as I type....

  4. Adorable!! You're so talented!

  5. So sweet, love that they are jointed. You do lovely work!

  6. ohhh these are precious! one day I will have play with paper dolls again. :)


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