Monday, July 25, 2011

Sweet Animal Barrette Tutorial

I have a fun little project for those of you who'd like to make some sweet little Animal Berrettes!  This will be my first tutorial and I'm hoping to offer more in the future. 

These little cuties are SO easy to make and really don't take long at all!  All you need is:
:  Felt in different colours
:  Seed beads
:  Embroidery thread
:  Polyfil
:  And a metal hair clip

**  Please read through carefully before you begin  **

:  Print out the pattern at the bottom of the page.
:  Cut out two faces, two ears of your choice and the flower

Using a double strand of embroidery thread, embroider a tiny X slightly below the centre of the face.  Sew on the seed beads as shown and, if you like, add little 'lashes' at the outer corners of the eyes.

Whip stitch the darts on front and back face pieces, making sure to sew them up on the wrong side of the felt.

Open both pieces and carefully sew the ears onto the wrong side of the back of the head using invisible stitches.  Just make sure that you don't see the stitches on the right side.

This is what the front and back pieces look like at this point.  Note how I've placed the ears slightly inside the edges of the head.

Pin head front and back together, wrong sides together and whip stitch around to the base of the ear.

Blanket stitch across the entire length of the ear and then whip stitch to the second ear, repeat blanket stitch once you reach that ear. 

Continue whip stitching around, but leave a space at the bottom for stuffing.

Stuff the head, using an orange stick or popsicle stick to gently push stuffing in as you go.  Whip stitch bottom closed.  Do not cut your thread, instead, insert it in through the bottom and out just below an ear.

Thread your felt flower onto the needle.

Add a seed bead in the centre and carefully attach flower to the head. If you have enough thread left at this point, take it out through the back of the head.

Using the photo as a guide, place metal clip at the back of the head and securely stitch the inner prong in place. 
And there you are!!  How sweet is that??  I'm pretty sure that any little girl would love one or two of these adorable hair clips!  Of course, you could also attach a pin back onto the back and make them into brooches too:)
Please click here to download and/or print the pattern pieces. Then just print and you're off to the races! Hope you enjoy making these for yourself or someone you love:)