Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!!  Hope you had a lovely holiday and a yummy feast!  Hubby dearest cooked up an amazing turkey bird, and I had to put up with the tantalizing aroma all day whilst I sewed up Little Ladies.  It was torturous, I tell you!  My dear Nannykins came up to join us, she's 92, but absolutely loves John's cooking and will stay awake long enough to have a special dinner with us, then it's off to her comfy chair for a nap.  We love having her live in the same building, and I usually have lunch with her during the week and the kids see her as often as possible.

Anyway, the Little Ladies are ready!  I thought I'd share the next step, the one I really wish some elves or fairies would do while I sleep:)  Attatching arms and legs is my least favourite part, same with stuffing - lets face it, it's sooooooo boring!  Not like embroidering the faces, or attatching the hair, which I absolutely love!

What do you think?  They're all lined up for their hair cuts!  I had to take this pic tonight, so the lighting doesn't do them any justice.  Tomorrow, I'll start their little outfits, another favourite part of the process, and I just can't wait to see how sweet they're going to look when they're done!!


  1. They look beautiful! Can't wait to see them after their haircuts.

    Attaching the limbs is my least favorite part also. Since my dolls are intended for kids of all ages, I have to go back and forth, securing the limbs. Tedious.

    That's great that you live so close to your Grandmother (right?). How special for you and yoru children (and her!).

  2. OMG They're so stinking cute! I absolutely love the hair colors :)

  3. I LOVE EVERYTHING! Two of them mine... ! :D The first picture from the top is the coolest - looks very surreal like Dali painting. It could be a nice wallpaper for the computer! :D

  4. Thank you ladies! These little girls are almost ready to go, I'll be posting more pic's tomorrow.


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