Sunday, November 4, 2012

Evie, a Christmas Elf

Hello dear friends!  Have you ever wished for a little elf to come and help you do all those things that keep piling up around your house?  Well, I've been wishing for one to help me cut out and sew up all the things I want to make!  So, I thought I'd take matters into my own hands and make one of my own!  Her name is Evie and I'm hoping that when I go to bed at night, she'll work her magic and have everything done for me by the time I wake up the next morning!

Evie is completely hand sewn and made from wool blend and hand woven wool felts.  She measures about 9 inches tall without her hat on and is fully posable.  Her little legs and arms bend at the knees and elbows because they've been inserted with pipe cleaners.  She wears a pretty pink tunic, a sweet little hat with a dangly bell and pointy shoes, all of which can be removed.

Of course, she'll be joining Santa very soon, to help him get all the toys made and packaged up.

And when she returns, I'm sure she's going to need a little holiday!  I'm hoping to surprise her with some new outfits so that she can enjoy playing dress-up!

Evie's pattern will be available sometime this week:)
~Shelly xo