Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hola! I'm back from Mexico!

Hello everyone!  I've just spent the most wonderful week in Mexico with my two lovely sisters!  The weather was perfect; hot and mostly sunny during the days, with a few spectacular thunder and lightning shows in the evenings.  One afternoon, we experienced such a torrential downpour that within an hour, there must have been at least 9 inches of rain! 

Most of our days were spent swimming in the ocean or pools on the resort, lazing in the sun, eating, eating and eating some more!  We spent a morning horseback riding through the jungle, another one bargaining at a local flea market and yet another painting ceramics!  

That's me petting the horses!

As you can see, the beach is beautiful!

My two favourite sisters - Mandy on the left and Loren on the right!  We had such an awesome time together!!

I'm not sure what this sweet little creature was called, some type of badger, but what a cutie!  The guy who took us on our horseback adventure had rescued it when it was young.  Each of us got to have our pics taken with it sitting on our shoulders:)

The bowl I painted.  Still haven't taken a photo of how it turned out!

The view from our room. 

And another stunning shot of the sun set on the beach!  Sigh!  Wish I was still there, but I'm happy to be home as I missed my hubby and boys so much!! 

Adios Amigos!
~Shelly xo