Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dolly Days of Summer

Hello dear friends!  It's been a while since I last posted on my blog and a lot has happened in the mean time.  This has been a crazy month for me, firstly, I've officially quit my job as the manager of the building we live in (YAY!!), and can now devote my time to doing what I love the most - creating dolls!  My dad has taken over the position as manager and I've been training him in all aspects of the job.  Into the first week of August (just as my dad was beginning his new job), we had a tragic event in our building.  One of our long term tenants sadly took his own life and I was devastated as he'd been a good friend too.  I cannot tell you how I wish things had turned out differently for him, and I can only imagine the despair he must have been going through.

So, for most of this month, I've been concentrating on surrounding myself with people I love and doing the things I find enjoyment in.  I think it's very important to find as many positive things in life to hold onto and cherish!  And one of my biggest pleasures is creating and sharing my ideas with you!  These are the dolls I've been working on.

For those of you who have requested a pattern for the Little Ladies, you'll be happy to know that one is forthcoming!  As you can see in the photo, the two dolls on either side of the one in the center are very similar to the original Little Ladies.  They are slightly smaller than the original dolls in size, but nevertheless, it is basically the same pattern. 

They measure about 11 inches tall and I'll include the instructions to make the dress, shoes and undies. 

Also new are the Little Miss Camilla Dolls.  I had so much fun making these little girls!  Their sweet little faces make me smile!  They measure about 10 inches and have removable shoes.  I'll be starting to write up the pattern for them today and it'll be the first pattern to include step-by-step photo's instead of my usual hand drawn illustrations.  Thought I'd try something different:)

These kitschy-kooky girls are big (well for my standards anyway), soft and cuddly and measure about 14 inches tall.  I'm not sure if I'll do the pattern for them, though if you think I should, I'd be happy to!

Wishing you all a week filled with happiness and love!
~Shelly xo