Monday, May 23, 2011

Scary Stufflings

These are the 'Scaries'.  Each one is completely hand sewn and made from woven wool felt.

Little Edna loves sharing a pot of tea with her big sister Ida who's been teaching her all the scariest tips and tricks of the trade. For now she takes great delight in hearing how best to scare the daylights out of unsuspecting humans.

She wears a hand-me-down necklace from big sister Ida and her hair is styled from needle felted wool roving. Please be sure that she remembers to brush her tooth - it's most important to keep it good and healthy for future bites....

Before she joined the 'Scaries', Dorcas was just a sweet little ragdoll, but that is not so anymore.  She now has a penchant for tickling any toes that are not covered with blankets and there's always a possibility that she might pinch those toes instead.

Dorcas has one tuft of hair remaining on her head.  I think the little girl who owned her before might have been a little rough with her.  I managed to fix her missing eye as best I could with a scrap of felt and a pretty bead.

Don't let Gertie's grin deceive you. She might look sweet and hugable, but she's not. And be careful where you pin her, she has a nasty habit of leaving tell-tale holes in anything she can get her teeth into...

She has one safety eye left. I'm not sure where the other one is, so I mended the hole with embroidery thread. Gertie wears a jaunty lavender bow at her neck and her favourite pearl buttons are sewn onto her chest.

These days you're likely to find Ida drinking tea and reading gothic romance novels. And though she's sweet and demure and seemingly innocent, don't be fooled. Those scary bumps and scratches you hear at night are most likely from her.

Ida never goes anywhere without looking her best. She wears her favourite pink dress with the button-up front (she's had it for years and takes pride it the fact that it still looks quite nice), and a dainty neck scarf.


Ned is a bit of a biter. As you can tell, he takes great pride in his chompers and is sure to brush and floss them three times a day. He likes the fact that they make short work of shredding things to pieces...
Ned is a firm believer in looking his best, no matter what he's biting, er, doing. He wears a tweed suit and a jaunty neck tie. Unfortunately he has lost an eye, but l've mended it with embroidery thread till it gets found.

These were so much fun to make, but they sure made a huge mess of my table!

Have a crafty week!