Monday, March 21, 2011

Little Lady Aggie

A little while ago I got a request to make a Little Lady for a lady who is expecting a baby girl in April.  She wanted me to make her look like a doll I had made a couple of months ago, you can see her here:  So, this is Aggie, one of three Little Ladies I've got on the go. 

Aggie wears a hand knitted cardigan made by my talented mom, a sweet little piggie and panda dress in Japanese linen and black Mary Janes.  Below are some pics of her work in progress. 

I finally managed to write up the pattern for the Bunny, Bear and Fox Brooches and it is now available in my shop:

These little cuties can be made into brooches, onraments or just left as minis.

Hope you all have a wonderful week:)