Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pocket Pixies - Pansy, Marigold and Petunia

Well, it's been a busy week again and I've just finished up the last two Pocket Pixies.  Marigold and Petunia have been adopted and will be travelling to their new home tomorrow.  I know they're excited to meet their new mom and all the other sweet dolls she collects!  Pansy is patiently waiting and hoping to win the heart of someone really special too!

I gotta say that these little dolls were sooo much fun to make!  The pattern will be available soon and I think I'll have a GIVEAWAY for a few of the patterns!  Please check back soon for info!!

Pansy wears a cherry pink dress in hand woven felt with teeny buttons and appliqued pocket.  A beaded lace trim accents her hem.  Just love the colour of her hair!!  I think it's my fave!  Her hair has been needle felted onto her head and can be gently styled.

I gave Marigold a cute little bob and used a juicy orange organic wool for her hair.  She's dressed in a robins egg blue dress which I've accented with teeny orange buttons and a beaded lace trim.

Each Pocket Pixie is entirely hand stitiched and measures 7 inches tall.