Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Visit... Oh and the Giveaway Winner too!

We have a visitor!  Emily has come all the way from Illinois for a little make-over.  Her mom, Beth, recently bought one of the Blythe dresses I made and she loved how I'd cut my Saffy's hair.  So, she's sent her little girl over for a new do.

I just had to share the picture above because when I was setting up for the photos, my cat, Beast, was very interested in what was going on!  Normally, he is not allowed to be on the couch when I'm photographing, but I couldn't resist this shot!

It's hard to believe that my little Skye looked exactly like Emily once upon a time!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving Weekend, complete with the most wonderful turkey dinner!  My dear hubby was in the kitchen all day yesturday preparing the feast!  Had to give thanks that I have a wonderful hubby who loves to cook!  Anyway, after dinner, he drew the winner's name and the needlebook goes to Celena Cavala of The Filigree!  Hope she loves it!  Thanks to all who left comments on my blogs and on Flickr!