Thursday, July 29, 2010

Miss Josephine

It seems that every time I've tried to blog this week, something has come up and thwarted my attempts!  In fact, I'm squeezing this post in as quick as I can before I leave to work on a hair appointment at a client's house! 

I am working on a new clay doll, who, right now looks like her name should be Miss Josephine - though that could change as she progresses.  The photo at the bottom right shows her body parts, and behind her are four heads that will be made into hanging ornaments for a different project I'll be working on.  Bottom left shows the attachment of her limbs.  I kinda thought her arms looked too long, so I made a new pair, as seen in the top two pic's.

Glancing through an art doll magazine, I came across an article on old fashioned Prim dolls, and decided to try and create my own version of the dolls of that period.  The photo on the top left shows her with her bodice and sleeves attatched, and I'm debating whether or not to have an underskirt beneath the cream batiste layer that would peek out below the top skirt.  She will of course let me know what she wants as I go along, because even when I do have a particular idea about how I want my dolls to look, they always seem to know exactly what they want to look like!

Hope you have a great day!