Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Treasures in the Post...

I just love comming home to find treasures in the mail!!  Today was especially wonderful because my little art doll - Rosalinda, from Paola Zakimi arrived, and she is beyond adorable!!  She's a tiny work of art and came in a sweet, hand painted and signed box.  Please check out Paola's blog at:  She is very talented and I just love all her creations!

Is she not the sweetest thing you've ever seen?  Thanks Paola!

My very first Blythe arrived today too, she's a Saffy and I got her from Tamarra, who's etsy shop,, has been one of my fav's forever!  She sometimes sells Blythe dolls on her facebook site, and I encourage anyone who's interested  in Blythe dolls, clothing, etc to visit her etsy shop.  Anyway, I'm going to attempt a sand-matting on her face - got to get rid of that shine:), and then I want to re-do her make up with chalk pastels.  I'm also considering re-rooting her hair with mohair locks in the future.  Will keep you posted on that!  Oh, and she needs a name.... 

Lastly, I just wanted to share a pic of an art doll I started awhile ago.  Well, I removed her orange hair and decided to try on some wefted mohair instead.  I love it!  As you can see, it's just pinned on for now, and I still have to figure out the best way to sew it on.  I also have a new art doll in the works, she needs to be stuffed and I have attempted a new jointing method for her arms and legs.  I really hope it works!   

Before I go, I should add that the picture at the very top of this post was taken of my shelf dedicated to my dolls.  I've included my collection of wooden treasures that have come from around the world, the first being the two giraffes that my grandmother, who still lives in South Africa, brought for me when she came for a visit a few years ago.  The tall statues of ladies are both from Cuba, and each was given to my by clients who visited that wonderful country!  The tiny bobble heads and baby in a basket are  from one of my son's  best friends who's an International student from Japan.  He brought them back for me after his last visit home.  The tiny Dutch shoes came all the way from Holland and very given to my by Dees who also made an adorable bear and piglet for me.  You can check out her blog at:  She makes the cutest little creatures!  And last, but not least is my teeny elephant.  If you could see him closer, you'd notice that there are tiny holes carved into his body and within those holes is another teeny, tiny elephant.  Amazing work considering that the elephant is smaller than my thumb!  This delightful little treasure was brought from India and given to me by one of my tenants who immigrated from there to Canada years ago.  All these wonderful treasures are very special to me and each has a story of it's own!