Friday, May 14, 2010

Cyril and Mavis

Hello lovely readers!  So sorry I've been neglecting to write, but I've had an eventful week and I'm finally able to sit down and share what I've been doing.  Firstly, I just want to thank you for all your lovely comments, it really makes my day brighter when I read your responses to my posts!

This afternoon, I finished up two new Siamese Anime kittens.  They're made with cream and brown hand woven felt, and the little girl is for my mom.  I've named her Mavis, and she's wearing an orange flower, beaded with turquoise glass beads that match her little bow.  Unfortunately she wasn't quite ready for Mother's Day because I've been so busy, but better late that never!

Cyril will be posted in my etsy shop - he's got a bit of a dilemma - he's gone and lost his tail - again!  Last time he saw it, he was on a whirlwind tour of the Swiss Alps.   He'd had so much cheese and wine, that it didn't occur to him to check for it before he boarded the steam boat  and sailed back home.  This is NOT the first time!

Anyway, back to my week.  I managed to complete two Little Ladies, one a commission, and the other for my shop.  My sewing machine has been sounding like a jack-hammer, so I think its time to take it in for a tune-up!!  I'm sure my neighbours must think we're renovating our suite with the amount of noise that thing makes!LOL!
That's Tia on the left, made specially for Lada, and on the right is Sadie, who's gone to live in Hawaii with her new mommy.
I also wanted to share my very first Pullip doll with you.  I got her in the post last Saturday, and dressed her in one of the Little Lady dresses I had on hand.  My mom had just made two new wrap-around cardigans for our shop, so I tried one on her too.  I've named her Vivienne, and she came with a Little Pullip named Dormouse - top right.  She is sooo adorable with her lavender eyes, emerald green hair and mousy top hat!

Mom and I are planning on adjusting our patterns ever so slightly to fit the Pullip and Blythe dolls, and we'll be adding a second shop on etsy in the near future!  Exciting!!

And one more thing, I got a little greedy and ordered another Pullip.  I was hoping she'd come today, but that was not to be. o_O   My mama is 'babysitting' Vivi so she can try on all the little things she's been making, and get this - she went and pre-ordered her very own Pullip, it's the one comming out in July and she is sooo sweet!  I think we've just started a little problem!!

Hope you all have a super lovely weekend!