Sunday, March 28, 2010

Birthday Boy

Do you ever notice how time just slips by, a little at a time, and then, before you realise it, something as simple as a birthday can leave you feeling like you need to slow down and be more aware of every precious moment?
Yesturday, I became the proud mama of a 17 year old, and must admit that it happened in a flurry of laughs, cries, hugs, kisses, swimming lessons, band concerts, vocal jazz performances, rock band sessions, messy rooms, girlfriends and family get togethers.
Jody has grown into a talented young man, and with his wit and awesome sense of humor, has delighted everyone who meets him!
So, this year, for his birthday, we had a little family gathering, and afterwards, took him out for his favourite meal - lasagna, and then surprised him and his brother Dylan with tickets to a Beatles tribute band. Now, you probably don't know how much my kids and I LOVE the Beatles... We breathe the Beatles, we play Beatles rock band together (usually, I'm the singer) and we downright annoy the heck out of my dear, sweet hubby, who just can't seem to appreciate them as much as we do! Just to put it mildly, the concert blew as away! Of course, the kids and I knew all the songs, and had a rip roaring time, while hubby stayed home and watched the hockey game.