My Sweet Pony Pattern Release!

Hi there!  It's been such a while since my last post and I'm hoping that you've all been keeping well and busily crafting!  I've got such a wonderful surprise to share today - the little pony pattern that I've been working on forever is finally ready! lol!  The pattern for these little ponies has been in the works for months and I can honestly say that it's been the hardest one to try and complete, not only because of all the different options I chose to include, but also because the last couple of months have been extremely busy in other ways as well.  But, it's finally done and I'm so happy to be able to share it with you!
 This pattern includes many options for creating a customized little pony.  You can choose from three different styles of manes - faux fur, curvy felt mane or a rainbow mane; the tail can be made from felt or faux fur and there are lots of fun accessories too, such as Pegasus wings, a Unicorn horn, Flutterby wings and all sorts of cute designs that you can applique onto the flank, mane or tails.
Here's a few sneak peeks at the details:

Tiny cut-out hearts shaped into a flower with bead detail at the center.

Sparkly seed and straight beads look so pretty when they catch the light!

I think the two above are my faves - the Rainbow Ponies!
For the apricot and pink pony, I stitched a tiny glittered heart charm onto a felt collar and embellished her mane and tail with polka dot hearts.  The little Pegasus pony has sparkly glittered wings and collar.

 A beaded star necklace is perfect for the finishing touch!
And who could resist a sweet little Unicorn, complete with a shimmery horn?
The pattern is now available in my shops!


  1. Shelly, your ponies are absolutely adorable! You never, never cease to amaze me in your imagination and your ability to create patterns that let all of us share in your lovely world.



    1. Thank you so much Beth, that means so much coming from you! I absolutely love your creativity and attention to detail as well!

  2. I am soo excited! I have been eagerly awaiting this gorgeous pattern since you first posted about it. Thank you so much for sharing these cuties with us. Can't wait to make some of my own.

  3. They are the cutest things ever, your designs are so sweet!

  4. Olá Shelly,
    Conhecei seu blog e artes hoje e amei!!
    Estou apaixonada por suas artes e em especial por esses pôneis lindíssimos, são tão perfeitos, ricos em detalhes e muito delicados!!
    Litta Santos

  5. Beautiful ponys, love them all <3

  6. Bellos tus trabajos.......seria posible que pongas traductor para poder entender..... yo de inglés no entiendo nada.....muchas gracias.

  7. Encantada com suas peças...lindaaas!!😘😘

  8. Hi. Could I have the link to your shop pls? Lovely designs.

  9. Where's the link to the pattern?? Ive been looking for HOURS and I still cannot find it!! I would love to make this for my little girl!



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