Mini Stay-cation

The last four days have been absolutely wonderful!!  My hubby and I decided to take a few days off and enjoy a mini stay-cation right here in our own neighborhood!  We live in such a beautiful part of British Columbia and we don't really take much time to appreciate all the wonderful sights and events it has to offer.

If you've ever been to Vancouver, you'll know how pretty the downtown area is.  On our first day, we enjoyed wading through the warm waters of Spanish Banks Beach, wandering through Granville Island Public Market, where we stopped for dinner at Bridges, and then ending the evening off with a leisurely stroll along Kitsilano Beach.  The following day was spent paddling our canoes around False Creek.
  Here we are at the start of our adventure, underneath the Burrard Street Bridge.
Found this fellow sunning himself on the back of a boat!  Look at how he's holding his wings for maximum sun exposure!  He did not blink an eye, or move a muscle the entire time it took for us to pass by!
At the far end of False Creek - Science World.
Looking towards Downtown Vancouver from Science World.
At the end of the day, we tied our canoes up to the docks at Granville Island Market and picked up a picnic dinner for two.  It included a half rotisserie chicken, roasted veggies, artichoke salad, potato salad, a bottle of sparkling cranberry juice and individual creme brule's for dessert.  We then paddled over to a nearby beach were we spread out our towels and all the yummy goodies and enjoyed our little feast!

Today we spent the day at the Show and Shine classic car show, were we showed our little '63 VW Beetle for the first time!
We spent hours cleaning, waxing and polishing her up yesterday and she received many compliments from people who passed by to have a look at her.  It's amazing how many people have fond memories of owning one of these little cars many years ago!
My second favourite car at the show, a Morris Minor Tiger!
And this was my very favourite!  A Ford Frontenac, one of only a very few still running!  Definitely on my Wish List!

My honey and I had such a great time together, and I hate that it all has to come to an end!  The weather was perfect, the days long and sunny and each moment we spent together will be treasured forever!

Now it's back to work for both of us, till next time...
~Shelly xo


  1. What a great time Shelly! Looks like you have made the most of your stay-cation! That's all we can afford this year as well. Stay-cations can be the best holidays though!

    1. Thank you Marie! I wish we'd had a few more days as the weather has been so lovely!

  2. Hi Shelly,
    What a wonderful stay-cation :) I'm glad you had a lovely time!! I love your VW beetle!! Hugs xx Vicky xx

    1. Vicky! How lovely of you to pop in! We had a most wonderful time together, I think even more so because our kids are at the age where they're both either working or going to post secondary school full time. It's our time to re-connect and enjoy each others' company:) xo

  3. Hi Shelly. What a wonderful few days you had with the man you love.
    The science dome was amazing. I love seeing other cities that I won't be able to visit.

    1. Thank you Kay! I love posting pics of our adventures, and the lovely province we call home! We really have the best scenery - ocean, islands, mountains, rain forests and such a beautiful downtown area!

  4. Thank you for sharing your stay-cation in your beautiful city! Love your VW, my first car I bought was a $200 dollar '63 beetle that I had to push to start and had no heat (I lived in Edmonton, AB), I parked on hills and dressed very warm but I loved it. Oh those were the days!!!

    1. Thanks so much Kim! We just love our little bug, even though it has no heat either! We had a '74 beetle about 15 years ago and that one had huge rust holes right through the floorboards - fridgid!! But, it went like a bomb in the snow!

  5. Hi Shelly! It looks like you two had a wonderfully relaxing time - with a mini feast! no less!! Thanks for sharing such summertime fun. I also wanted to congratulate you for your little "blurb" in Issue 28 of Mollie Makes Magazine! So happy your are enjoying your summer. (It's been so hot and HUMID here in RI that it's impossible to enjoy anything outdoors. I don't want to see summer go, but I do wish it would be a little drier and not so humid!

    Love 'n hugs,

    1. Hi Sandie! That little feast was definitely the highlight of the trip! All that rowing sure worked up a ferocious appetite!
      Thank you too for your kind words, I was so happy to have my Pocket Pets in the Molly Makes issue!
      We too are having a very hot and humid summer, but I don't mind at all! I'd rather the heat than the cold:) xo

  6. Lovely post, Shelly; stay-cations are my favorites. I've got to show my hubby the pics of your beetle, he has been a VW fan since he bought his first microbus in 1969 :-) Enjoy the rest of your summer!



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