Thursday, June 6, 2013

Little Mermaid Girl

Sometimes good things come out of bad situations.  I managed to catch a nasty cold a few days ago, which of course meant the usual symptoms of sneezing, coughing, nose blowing etc that go hand in hand with sore, achy bones and head, and taste buds that make food very unappetizing.  Well, those things are all fine and dandy during the day, but unfortunately, it's at night, when you're super tired and just want to get some sleep that they become the most annoying!  So, as I tossed and turned one night, going through a box of tissues, coughing and itching all over - I forgot to mention a terrible allergy to the dreadful Cotton trees that are making my life a misery right now - an idea started forming in my sleep deprived mind.  And oh, what a lovely image she was!  I could not wait for the sun to come up so I could get started on her and I hope you love how she turned out!

I think she's the perfect pattern to start Summer off with!  She's super easy too and I know you'll want to make more than just one!  She's made from the merino wool blend felts that I carry in my shop, measures about 8 inches tall and features beaded embroidery on her tail.  Her hair has been needle felted on - and yes the pattern is ready and available right now! as an instant download in my etsy shop!!

In other news....   I've finally gotten around to making some stickers using my little doodle sketches.

There are 20 different designs and they're perfect for sticking on envelopes, packages, cards etc and they come packaged up neatly in a clear, re-sealable plastic bag.

And last, but not least...  I'm nearing the end of a huge project I've been working on for a private girl's school in Texas.  I've been commissioned to make a paper doll booklet as part of the commemoration of their centennial year and I'm so honoured that they have asked me to do this for them!  Below are some photos of all the rough drafts of the doll herself, as well as the different uniforms worn by the students.

Below are the finished designs so far.  I just need to work on the accessories and everything will be ready!

Take care,
~Shelly xo


  1. I AM PERPLEXED,everything you do is extremely beautiful!

  2. Just got my mermaid girl~~love your work Shelly! Thanks so much!!! The newest papergirl is adorable and can't wait to see the finished sketches. xoxo

  3. You must have been wishing you were at the sea, rather than blowing your nose in the night. Your mermaid is beautiful.
    What an honor to make the doll book for the school. It is looking good.
    I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Just as an FYI...I couldn't see the listing:( I did see some in sold but none to buy.

  5. She's so cute!! Congratulations on the Paper Doll commission, it's looking wonderful. Hope the worst of you cold is over, although it looks like wonderful things come from the congestion!!! And those stickers are perfect!!

  6. I love her!!!!! I need to head over to your shop so that I can maybe make some purchases :-D

  7. Shelly, everything your hands create is magical! The mermaid could not be more beautiful, and the paper doll commission is a work of art. Bravo!!


  8. you , ve got huge tallent !! love this !!


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