Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sneak Peak!

Hi everyone!  It's so nice to be back home from our holiday, we had a lovely and relaxing time away!  I feel refreshed and ready for some new projects so I thought I'd share a little sneak peak of what I've been working on these past few days.

Little Miss wanted to meet you all and sat so prettily for her picture.  (She's usually so busy playing and I can never get a good shot of her sitting still!)

For my next project, I am making little kits geared toward children who would like to learn how to sew.  These will include a very easy pattern of an animal or doll, the felt to make it with, the safety eyes and a bit of seam binding to make a bow around the neck.  The felt I've chosen is a wool blend from  Renae, the owner of the shop, has a wonderful selection of colours and her prices are fabulous!  Perfect for beginners and so lovely to sew with!  I'm hoping that once a child has made up the animal or doll in the kit, they'll want to make another!

As you can see, I have all the pieces cut out and most of the faces are ready.  Most of them require a basic applique stitch for attaching eye pads and snouts and then everything will be sewn together with a whip stitch.  Easy Peasy!!  Will keep you posted on them as they evolve.

Here's a few pics from our trip.

That's me paddling at Cultus Lake.

John making faces in the hot tub:)

Jody on the left and Dylan underwater.  I can't believe how much our kids have grown!

The two of them when they were little!  Again, Jody on the left, Dylan on the right.

Have a fabulous week:)


  1. I hope the purchase of the kits isn't age-restricted. ;)

  2. So cute -I can tell already that the fox is going to be my favorite!

  3. So adorable! I like the kits too ;o)

  4. I´m very happy you enjoyed your holidays. The photos are super fun.
    Little Miss is a living kitty doll and your new project is a wonderful idea.

  5. Thank you ladies! We had a wonderful holiday and I'm super excited to be back and working on some new projects that I've been thinking about!

  6. Welcome back, Shelly! What a great new project you have in mind; hooking that next generation into the love of making things :-) These latest creations are adorable.


  7. Hello Beth! Thank you, it's good to be back and creating again!

  8. Well, welcome back! Sounds like a wonderful project to have started on...nothing is more fun for kids than to make something on their own to love and cherish. Your creations are always so adorable.


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